Printed Hoardings for property developers and building contractors

Printed Hoarding design, manufacture and fitting service

Construction site hoardings are generally plywood or UPVC structures that form a perimeter fence around a construction site to enclose the works. These are made up of 8ft x 4ft panels attached to a wood or scaffold framework.

Standard site hoardings:

  • keep site noise and dirt inside
  • hide the works and keep the area visually tidy
  • keep the general public outside
  • act as security feature

989 Design site hoardings:

  • utilise the wooden structure to its full potential by:
    • advertising the contruction works and developers
    • making the area look sleek and professional and less unsightly
    • keeping the neighbours and community content and informed
    • prevent unsightly mess from damage plywood
    • safer for the public by preventing nails and rough materials showing
    • a great way to advertise the finished development
    • in some cases the materials can be re-used
    • graphics can be applied and re-applied if damaged
    • the panels are coated with anti-graffitti laminate allowing easy removal of graffitti
    • costs are easily absorbed by marketing budget

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